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Majo no Shikkounin

Summary Majo no Shikkounin

法を犯した魔女は裁かれる―。150年前、月から魔女がやって来た。以来この国では人と魔女が交流を深めていた。だが、中には法を破る魔女も。そんな魔女を裁くのは魔女の中から選ばれた「執行人」。その執行人である魔女ナターリアは、ある日呪いをかけられた少年と出会い…!? Witches who defy the law must face judgment. 150 years ago, witches descended from the moon, and ever since, this country has promoted and fostered a deep bond between them and its people. However, not all witches abide by the law. Chosen from their own ranks, an “Enforcer” brings them to justice. Among them is Witch Natalia, who one day encounters a boy afflicted by a curse…?!




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Majo no Shikkounin






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